“Don’t Be An Asshole. Be A Lady” – The Unrelenting Misogyny of #anonymous

Joseph Johnson, Anonymous MRA

Joseph Johnson, Anonymous MRA

Joseph Johnson is a North Carolina-based Men’s Rights Activist with Anonymous. He supports the action of #anonymous to publish a sex tape of the rapper Iggy Azalea because she made stupid and racist statements.

He sent me 12 voice mails on Facebook for pointing out that revenge porn is misogynist. His voice mails are very revealing about the kind of group anonymous is.

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Denver Southers @SativaAvena @DenverSouthers Is A Man & He Wants You To Coddle Him

Denver, you are a Man. And you are an abusive Men.

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That Transgender Chick Is A Man

Oh Randy.

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FtM Transgender: Why I Quit Testosterone

“Testosterone did not bring me closer to the truth. It just helped to mask the pain.”

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This is sad, @TheGigiGorgeous



Gigi. You aren’t female. You were an amazing gender nonconforming man.

I’m sorry about the loss of your mom. Live your life as you want, but you’re not a woman or female. You deciding you’re a woman doesn’t make you “more of a woman.”


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The Relentless Homophobia of Transgenderism

Transgenderism is eventually, inevitably, homophobic.

Transgenderism is already the “cure” for homosexuality in Iran.

It is only a matter of time before the gains attained by the “Gay Rights Movement” with regard to acceptance of homosexuality is undermined by transgenderism, with its mantra that “genitals don’t matter.”

If genitals “don’t matter,” (let’s ignore the vile implications of equating lesbian sexuality to genitals), wither goes lesbians?

Witness the cotton ceiling.

Witness gender nonconforming lesbians classified as “closeted transmen.”

We see your homophobia.

We will not comply with your Lesbian Eradicating Transgender Agenda.


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Nancy Boy

I don’t know this guy, but he has a lot of feelings.

He started out as a guy named Neal, apparently.

He transitioned in 1993.


He worked real hard to get Facebook to take down a pro-Woman, pro-Lesbian Facebook page that disagrees with his political analysis.


Which is odd, considering that he says he’s a lesbian.insane

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