There Is Nothing Natural About This

This is a woman on testosterone.

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13 Responses to There Is Nothing Natural About This

  1. Brandi says:

    AHEM. This is not a woman on testosterone. The person in this video IDs as trans, so while he may have a vagina and uterus, he is a man. A man who is on testosterone, a man who was once called a woman because of the body parts he was born with, yes, but a man nonetheless. By calling him a woman, you are negating his identity, and that’s not cool. It’s transphobic and it causes/perpetuates harm.

    • bugbrennan says:

      She is a woman. Catering to delusional behavior is harmful.

      • Brandi says:

        So… by this logic, then, would you call out anyone on the street who IDed within the binary, but whom you happened to know was born intersex? Because our society still seems to believe that gender is a binary (which it is not–it is a spectrum), these folks have to “choose” a gender to put on official paperwork, etc. But would you honor their choice? Or would you refuse to do so, citing that anyone with ambiguous genitalia couldn’t actually be considered either? And what then? The truth is that sometimes the wiring gets mixed up. The brain is in a female configuration but the body is not, or the whole thing gets muddled and s in-between. Gender is not this cut-and-dried, one-or-the-other thing. It is not a binary, despite how relentlessly we’ve been taught that it is. Gender is a spectrum, and people are found every place along it, from one end to the other. So… We change our hair color, our weight, our muscle tone, our appearance and traits in so many ways. How is gender any different? We can change it. We can and we do. Whether or not you choose to acknowledge this is your own decision, but you should know that by staunchly denying other people’s truths, you are causing harm. And that’s really not okay, and that is why I’m calling you out on it. People are out there who live in a body that is non-binary, and ID as a gender that differs from the one they were assigned at birth. Trans* people exist, and are happy, healthy, loving individuals who just want to be happy. Who are you to say that living their life the way that makes them happy isn’t valid? Congratulations on being born in a body that matches your internal wiring. You have Privilege. Please stop using it to cause harm.

      • bugbrennan says:

        You seem confused about basic biology.

        Women aren’t “privileged” over men. Put down that crack pipe you are smoking.

      • Brandi says:

        I am not confused. You are ignorant of Privilege. Not small-p-privilege, but capital-P-Privilege. It is not a yes or no thing. Everyone has Privilege, in many different ways, No, a cis-woman does not have more gender-related Privilege than a cis-man. Of course not. We live in ta culture that is highly patriarchal. But a cis-woman does have more Privilege in some ways than a trans-woman. I have taken the time to read much of your blog. I have read your comments. And sitting here talking about whether or not you collectively approve of trans people, how they ID or live or what choices they make, and speaking about trans-folk as if they are all the same and all feel the same way and then passing judgment on the whole community based on part of it? That’s messed up. It is cis-sexist. You aren’t listening when told you are causing harm. It doesn’t matter if you agree with someone else’s viewpoint or not. If you are told you are causing harm, you should freaking listen. Intent is not even important. You are causing harm. You will keep getting called out on it as long as you do it.

        How important is it to you that your beliefs about gender/sex are broadcast and heard? If it’s more important for you to keep insisting that what you believe is truth, even though it harms the entire trans*community, then I think that’s a screwed up priority system. But that’s me. I’m an ally. To as many as I can possibly be, I am a fighter against injustice. You’re apparently only allied with those who are like you.

      • bugbrennan says:

        There is no cis

        You make claims that are unsupported – Women are actually entitled to know we are Women, and to organize as Women. Hurt feelings is not a harm that negates that ability.

        We are allies to Women. Maybe you might try that! Your inability to acknowledge female biology causes Women harm. See how that works?

    • Brandi says:

      I acknowledge that some people are born in bodies that fit the physical descriptions typically denoted as being “female” or “woman.” I just also acknowledge that some epople who ID as women weren’t born with a body that fits those parameteres, but if someone IDs as woman, I honor that. It’s pretty simple. You can say that cisgender is an imaginary concept because it hurts your position, but that doesn’t make the statement true. I balked at being labelled “cis” too, until I realized that I only never had a label before because cis was considered “normal” and therefore needed no label, while others were labelled “intersex” or “trans.” I have no issue calling myself cis because I figure, if anyone has to have a label, it’s only fair if we all have labels. It’s a sign of solidarity with everyone. We don’t need to be divisive. Now, you want a spacce for only cis-women? More power to you, ask for that, do that. But we cis-women can’t exclusively own the term “woman” when our society still only accepts “woman” or “man” as an identifier (though some of us are working on expanding that too) and has restrooms for only “women” and “men” and nothing in between or otherwise. Because people are still lumped into these groups, then anyone choosing to ID within the binary, but whose body doesn’t quite fit the gender they live as, well, we need to make space for them within these groups. It’s the humane thing to do, isn’t it? Are you truly suggesting that the trans*man who totally passes as a man should use the restroom for “women” because of what’s in his pants? Would that really help anyone? Does it further any righteous cause? Really?

      • bugbrennan says:

        We don’t reject cis because it hurts our position. We reject it because it doesn’t exist.

        We don’t care if trans men want to go into men’s space.

      • banewmark says:

        The prefix “cis” is a linguistcal game and I consider it hate speech, co-oped by men who like to dress up as women and use jargon. Concept by definition is imaginary–that is why it is a concept and not real. For example I have this really great concept for a new type of car–it only exists in my head as an idea. There is woman (female) XX, there is man (male XY). Now what a person has going on in their head is not something any woman has to honor, or to believe. A person can ID however they like but they can’t expect anyone eles to agree. If some do fine, and if they don’t it just means that they think what goes on in their own head trumps the other persons head–which is well within rational and acceptable thought. It is only fair we all have labels? Heads up life is not fair. Yes, women own the word women, they own the reality–the biology. These men are so good with langauge and words let them come up with another–maybe man would work.

      • Nobody Special says:

        There you have it….. “cis” was invented to avoid saying “normal”, because calling normal people “normal” reminds trans people that they are abnormal, and that hurts their feelings.

  2. Betty M. says:

    There’s something pretty sad (and scary) about this woman. When she mentions the possibility of getting pregnant herself, she calls it “torture”, but she’s obsessed with being able to get other women pregnant. Is that weird, or is it woman-hating (i.e., self-hatred)?

  3. bioreality says:

    This person is completely delusional and I am quite thankful that reproduction is not possible. Natural selection.

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