The Fallacy of “cis privilege”



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25 Responses to The Fallacy of “cis privilege”

  1. Furtive the Hatred says:

    Yeah, delete me from your facebook group, you shitty little coward. I was right and you had no response so DELETE EVERYTHING. You are inadequate.

  2. I laughed when I first heard cis and now cis-privilege? Anything that goes against so called called societal norms are deemed weird and or disgusting and looked down upon, are heavy set people privileged in society and not mocked because of the cis-ness? Are so called non attractive persons privileged due to their cis-ness? Apply that to anything that isn’t showcased by the media, magazines, etc and cis privilege is destroyed!

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  4. Jimmie Rustles says:

    Are you seriously saying that transmen aren’t oppressed in a similar way to transwomen? You really are a fucking mug if you honestly believe that. Male privilege is really only something that cismen experience for the most part. If you’re socialized from birth to be a woman but you feel like you’re really a man in the wrong body, quite a few people, when they find out, will insist that they know what you are better than you do because they’ve been taught from birth to have a very close minded view of what gender is.
    I like how you say “let’s take a closer look at these boxes” and then all you do is provide an analogy in the form of two drawings. What a fucking cunt you are.

  5. Jacob Trueman says:

    I find this rather reductive. By this definition, only white, heterosexual, cisgender males are privileged. Is a white lesbian not privileged by her whiteness? Is a black man not privileged by his gender? You can’t say that just because someone is oppressed in one way that they are not privileged at all. Defining privilege in this way is childish and glib.

  6. jacobtrueman says:

    I find this rather reductive. By this definition, only white, heterosexual, cisgender men are privileged. Is a white lesbian not privileged by her whiteness? Is a black man not privileged by his gender? Just because someone is oppressed in one way does not mean that they can’t be privileged at all. This is a simplistic and childish assessment of how privilege works.

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  8. J.V.Olsen says:

    Oppression exists in many forms. Cis-privilege is real because transphobia is real. It is the other side of the coin of the victimization of trans individuals. Oppression can work in layers. Women are seen as inferior and men as superior due, in part, to male privilege. A homosexual woman might face more discrimination than her straight counterparts because of her sexuality– our lesbian example does not have straight privilege. A transwoman will be more likely to be a victim of violence than cis women because she does not have cis privilege. The “privilege” comes from the fact that trans women are more likely than cis women to attempt suicide, to be bullied or harassed, to lose their jobs due to bias and to live in extreme poverty.
    I find that your post also attempts to erase the identities of non-binary or genderqueer individuals and in general is transphobic. Not everyone fits into a box as you have illustrated above. Let’s work together to end oppression in all it’s forms, not just for the “right kind” of woman.

  9. Ella says:

    Okay “cis privilege” does not mean “female privilege” because if that were the case, this comic would be absolutely correct as female privilege does not exist. The oppression that trans people experience is completely different to the oppression that women experience (I am making no comment on which is worse, it is irrelevant here). A ciswoman has more privilege than a transwoman because on top of the shit women go through, transwoman also have the confusion and isolation of not fitting the expectations of what society thinks they should be. That is not to say either of them are not oppressed but they are still separate concepts.

    • Ella says:

      Also transmen are NOT women, please try and separate the idea that a vagina +breasts/looking like a woman = male; gender and sex are not the same even if feminine transmen experience sexism

    • pujeemuhs says:

      So you’re not saying which is worse but cis women have more privilege. That’s not how intersectionality works, kiddo. As an illustration say you have Martine Rothblatt on the one hand and on the other you have a white cis single mother living under the poverty line. Who has more privilege? You think Rothblatt’s time going thru life in a visibly male body might have helped her get where she is now?

      • Intersectionality doesn’t work when you call men women. Men aren’t women.

      • Jane says:

        Intersectionality is supposed to facilitate discussing nuances in experience. For transactivists, intersectionality is a magic word used to silence women from discussing real differences in experience. Cathy’s right. That trans women who are not as white and affluent as most transactivists are have a rough time of it has fuck all to do with whether they’re women or entitled to set feminist priorities.

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