by Hermaphrodyke

Most people outside of the US, if you ask them about Michigan they’ll come up with Detroit and the birth of the mechanised motor industry, perhaps the The Great Lakes and at a stretch Kid Rock. What most people won’t know is that they have this womyn’s festival.

As you might gather it’s a festival for women by women, it’s their space and women organisers make the rules, I’ve not looked into the full list of rules because I’m not really bothered, but I do know one.

NO Trans Allowed.

I’m a male socialised hermaphrodite female and I’ve lived in both hermaphrodite male and hermaphrodite androgyne, however as hermaphrodite isn’t recognised and seen as a correctable birth defect the nearest thing I have is female.

My first reaction to the No trans allowed thing was so what, and it still is. I really don’t understand the collective trans-spasm but then again I don’t understand a lot of things. I don’t understand why someone would want to go somewhere where they aren’t wanted. The Michigan festival is quite large which only leads me to the conclusion that it’s not just the organisers that want a trans free zone, I think my only question is it just trans-women or trans-men also, I hope it’s both.

To the trans community not all of you but I think the ones that read this and want to scream at the monitor just get over it, if you want a festival go organise one, make up your own rules don’t expect the team to bend to you. Fact is WE are male socialised and trans men are aspiring men,  I know trans-men that were more blokey than I ever was for goodness sake.

The other week the owner of this blog was asked to leave the RVT in Vauxhall because of some of her online activity and some of it is pretty shitty and I don’t agree with her tactics but you trans-activists can say “ we want out space to feel safe” and then expect women to make space for you are their festival, life simply doesn’t work like that and if you thought for the first moment that you would have full access without question to all spheres of woman and unless you’re very lucky and pass without question or you have a good surgeon then sorry but you’re delusional.

Shouting transphobia at every little thing you don’t like the sound of is stupid, if you feel like I’ve just called you stupid, I most probably have, you most probably think I’m transphobic, you’re most probably in your indignation chuntering on about my problems with internalised something or other when really you just don’t like the truth and that’s some women and in the case of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival don’t like our socialisation and you don’t understand that.

You transwoman reading this did exactly what did, you lived, worked, played, loved and took all the advantages of being male and regardless of how long you’ve had identity problems you have NOT had those social pressures experienced by CIS women.

I know we have our own unique pressures brought on through transition but we chose to and it’s not nice and it’s far from easy and we crave acceptance and validation but if you think having a demo outside MWMF is going to change anything you’re wrong it will tighten the resolve it will bind these women together and your actions will give them permission to hate me and I’m not keen on that.

I’d like you all to listen to the rules regarding trans-women that MWMF has and just do something else that weekend.

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3 Responses to Michigan

  1. krystalspade says:

    I don’t get why Radfems think that this is a choice. Why would someone choose to be subject to constant threats of violence and sexual harassment? Trans women choose to be women in the same way that lesbians (cis or trans) choose to be attracted to women, in that they don’t.

  2. Eden Walker says:

    OK, I’ll put my neck out. I wrote that piece and I stand by what I’ve written, I’m not rad fem, I’m not even a feminist I find it restrictive I just like to treat everyone with respect. Technically what we do is a choice, we can either live a life struggling with our bodies and our identities or we go through treatment and suffer. Both have consequences. You either live the socially acceptable male model or you step outside of the bi-polar gender system and challenge people pre-conceptions and suffer the social back lash, that’s life, we all know that happens and some do transition some don’t.
    We either stay as male for society or we transition for ourselves. You pay your money you take your choice. We know that not everyone will accept us. The point is while I might not like that exclusion I understand the need for it and I accept it I think that there are those that also need to understand that these feminists know our point of view as we know there’s and never the twain will meet so put your energies elsewhere

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