Wanted – Invisible Women/Females of Uncommon Beauty

photographs by Andi Roberts, Video Production by Nedra Johnson, Music by Dorothy Scott

The original WANTED project was inspired by and for attendees of The Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, an event intended specifically for women that were born and assigned female. Womyn sent photos and posters were created with their image, name and the following language:


Womyn like ________, (pictured above) who have been disappeared by assumptions. Womyn who were born and assigned female, but who present in ways the world determines as masculine/not womanly. Womyn who are assumed to be transmen, when they do not identify as men/transmen. Womyn who expand the possibilities of what it means to be born and assigned female.

You are wanted. You are loved. And we want you to know it.”

There was also a poster designed specifically for girls and a total of 80 were put up on display in the “Over 40’s Tent” with an additional two, one for girls and one for women that replaced the name with “YOU” and the space for an image with a mirror. Black and white copies were also printed and posted in various other areas where posting is appropriate

The collection of images were very well received. And we were asked if there would be any further displays. The posters were designed to help WBW (womyn born womyn) be seen as WBW in this one specific space. It was perhaps artful, but it was also a collection of random photos and not quite something that seemed appropriate for any other situation. But a seed was planted.

This collection of images is just a beginning. Thank you for your interest in this work!

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