GUEST POST: And Now For Something Completely Different

I use cis as a pejorative on occasion. Mainly when I refer to meathead alpha males. But it’s extension comes from political correctness. Transgender policing of certain words, even clinical words among the psychiatric community. Pressure to change deep rooted terms to make some people feel less alienated. “Cis” is the replacement for the gender studies term “gender-normative”, it’s implication is that the majority of people who’re totally fine with themselves as whatever they might’ve been born as. The opposite of which is “transitive”. Typically, a gender-normative person will never know their status as either cis or normative because, it is socially established that there is no need to question these things. Trans*persons are forced to learn the lingo and all the definitions as part of a cycle of psychotherapy that can last several years. It’s like private tutoring with a psych tech. They’ll learn a ridiculous amount of jargon that means absolutely nothing to “Joe-alpha-male” or “Susie-lipstick”. There is no Cis community; that is called the world. There is a historical truth about flailing against the world, that truth is, it does not work. So as a Trans woman wakes up and get ready to start her day, she goes into it with a sense that “I can have all that I want”. This is a gender-normative response to a world that will not budge. Cis can be the “The Man” who keeps them down. And remaining the underdog allows trans* individuals to see themselves as hurt by people who are only approaching this whole gender subject as newbies. Reflect honest ignorance with hate and rejection. If a Trans woman see herself as a victim, and as a victim she becomes a pity party, she flashes hate and anger towards those who’ll never understand their link between sex and gender, calls the ignorant person an idiot by using cis-this and cis-that against them. It’s a small wonder why no one wants to hear that garbage anymore. No one wants to hear that you want legal-rights that you already have. No one wants to hear that you get an erection while wearing women’s underwear and want advice on how to tuck better. If you were an honestly Trans woman, getting dressed up will not give you erections. That is called transvestism.

I am not a cis woman and I am not a Trans woman. Some idiots think I’m closeting being Trans. How can an ideology be in the closet. I may be closeting an ambiguous biology. Because fuck them, that’s why. Some idiots have seen me over the years in varying degrees of androgyny and called me man or woman and some old friends have called me “pat” or “it”. Some. Call me “Yoshi the fag” and some call me “kate the dyke”. I guess ambiguous biology and a walking between genders makes me all thing and none. All & neither. Not as difficult as it sounds. Ambiguous genders come with built in stock features, 8-track, gaydar and a nitrous charged bullshit meter. So things like Trans*activist leadership show their harm in their inability to cope with the realities that among their ranks are a plethora of Trans-fakers, pervs and actual criminal deviants. And to point out that 1 in 25000 normative persons are legitimately Trans* persons. What follows is a tirade that claims transphobia. The funny part is that that statistic is from “the American board of professional psychology” not an idle hate-mongering group. Trans persons are just as capable of crime and attention seeking behaviour as any other group. The fact that their Trans* status is a observable trait, their crimes may be jaded by psychological issues and thus leading to case dismissals, mis-identification, and even judges sentencing defendants to “example-setting” jail terms in prisons that do not match their gender choice. Sure, Trans people are vulnerable in some extent, at levels of rejection that are massively higher than any other minority with exception of lepers.

True biology of a true trans* person. Brain size has been proven to be the culprit in honestly trans* person’s desire to change. Male to female Trans* persons have a reduced brain size, closer to their female counterparts but not the same size as a biological woman, it is still larger by about 5%. Female to male trans*persons have an increase brain size. Nearly identical to the mass of a biological male. These change in brain sizes accounts for a distribution of several pituitary and growth hormones in the body. The result being that at age of growth spurts, trans* woman sprout at the same rate as biological women and trans*men sprout at the same rate as biological males. Usually two years apart. Testosterone and estrogen are not culprits in this process. It happens at birth.

The rate in which attention-seeking Trans “identified” people are mixed into the collective is pushing the statistics of transphobia into a higher level of bullshit. Yes, Trans people are going to face a massive influx of garbage over several years of their transition. That cannot be avoided in this lifetime. Rejection isn’t always related to people being wrong about their desire to transition but in some cases it comes form being wrong about choosing to transition.

Feigning a “right” for a trans*women’s inclusion in exclusively female activities is probably the absolute worst mistake of the Trans*movement. Being Trans is a choice for some but not everyone. Until real, substantial, and honest historical record shows trans* persons being used as the whipping boy in society and not this recent bout of a legal rights “land-grab”, there will be no minority more persecuted or oppressed as the biological female. And a letter from a psychologist will not change that.

Cis-female are gender-normative female and biologically female. The “toe the line” interpretation is that biological female is the same thing as Trans(biologically male)women needs more scrutiny. “Woman” is a pejorative, meaning female servant. But Trans* women want to have the right to all aspects womanhood but without understanding the history of the ideological position it represents. Being a woman does not mean makeup and wigs, it does not mean playing dress up and seducing men; it is simply an identifier of a lower status than men, or cis-men in this case. Need a modern day example of this separation, check the definition and etymology of the words “man” and “woman”. Man is described in simple glowing terms of great deeds whereas woman is described by her root word of servitude. Glorious. If one person is born biologically male and raised as biologically male and indoctrinated into manhood, then they transition, they’re just as biologically male as they’re birth certificate implies, and they’re just as inherently privileged as every cis-male out there. Privilege is a societal function. It’s there to show a class structure. Whether or not you believe you are a part of it does not change it’s existence. Biological males and females and even intersex people are born into this structure. Even fighting against the structure is part of the structure. It’s like that gag internet meme from the early 2000s. “Once you know about the GAME you’ve already lost”.

Political agendas and legal agendas for Trans* rights are inherently stripping away woman’s rights and protections. It is why feminists are not that on-board of the whole Trans* train. Trans*political movements are designed to allow biologically male/men access to private spaces that only women should have. Woman fought for these space years ago and are slowly losing them through bullshit laws designed to give these men access under the guise that their trans* rights are being violated if they are not allowed. Women’s rights are aimed at providing security for both women and children. As recent as 2008, even Canada had citizenship laws that favoured male parents and treated women as chattel. There were some changes made but provisions of ownership still exist in the current law. These provisions favour male rights and exclude female children born of Canadian servicemen and a female foreign national from citizenship if the couple was not married or the servicemen abandoned the child. This provision of the law is singularly gender specific and doesn’t apply to the child if they were male. So if that female child had a sex change and wanted access as a man, they’d still be denied. If the male child had a sex change and wanted access as a woman they would be received with open arms.

Sterilization is the preferred method of determining a Trans person from their biological counterpart. That is the medical fact. Trans women must be sterilized to become a woman and Trans men must be sterilized to become a man. This goes a long way back in psychological history. Probably the least known aspect of transitioning is being psychologically on par with rapists and child molesters. Not that it is true, but in the psychiatric community, a rapist and child molester will receive the same medical treatment as trans*women, the same medications and standard of care. This is Freud’s fault. He determined this standard of care over a hundred years ago and your doctor hasn’t altered it much since then. The chemical sterilization of male prisoners uses the same anti-androgen medication that a Trans* woman must buy at the pharmacy. Orchiectomy is another approved sterilization therapeutic technique for rapists and child molesters. These both constitute making the patient medically a woman. But without a uterus and ovaries, what exactly constitutes a woman. As a Trans*man does top surgery, has a hysterectomy, has phalloplasty, etc, does that make them a man if they have no prostate gland, no testicles, no sperm cord? Self identifiers are the median to bridge those gaps. But these self identifiers are not always what society wants to hear. Social norms will present the individual with a choice of pre-approved titles. These deem you as a member of a subset of lower classes. The Trans*umbrella or “gender-bread man” are collaborations of the gender normative structure. Whereas definition and categorization is more important than substance and character.

The simple fact is that biology and gender are not equal. It’s sad and wrong but it’s all that really matters. Male and female are biological terms. Man and woman are gender terms. It’s semantic and logical terms but they are specific, unique, and serve an important purpose. Cis-male is biological male and so are Trans women. Cis women are biological women and so are Trans men. Gender identifiers do have a physiological effect on biology, but not substantively enough to change a chromosome. Trans*people seem to hate the science side but love the psychology and medical sides. Why, because they’re being told that their thoughts are valid, they’re being told that hormones are their answer and that fake boobs are just as good as real boobs, whereas science has not been able to make reality and the facts match for them. I personally know both sides of this.

I wish my biology was normal. I wish I didn’t have to go thru three corrective surgeries in my lifetime. But that is biology, immutable. I was free to chose gender but it did not mean I was Trans* as people have dumped this title on me. I abhor titles, ranks, and official subclasses. I wasn’t born to be an activist or a statistic. I was born to be an artist and maybe have kids someday and definitely have a boat. Some of what I wanted was cut out of me and some is free for me to go out and get. But under the guise of cis or trans*, I’ll never want anything.

Katherine Middleton

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14 Responses to GUEST POST: And Now For Something Completely Different

  1. tnt666 says:

    ahem… yes… except that the tidbit about male and female brain “size” is not supported by any valid science…

    • Kate says:

      This was omitted from the original text. It cites a good list of sources that are running studies around the world in real time and by means of real science. The only point that this makes is that there are real transgender people out there but the majority are faking it and only for want of attention. But regardless, the rest stands.

      • It wasn’t omitted. It is hyperlinked.

      • Kate says:

        Oh. Just found it. Lol.

      • tnt666 says:

        That article and related study are one of the poorest examples of science I’ve seen in a while, reminding me of miracle articles pertaining to nuclear fusion as an unlimited source of energy. The only relevant part of that article is that is UNREPLICATED and SMALL NUMBER and about DEATH not BIRth… (as the author above implied). The NYT rightly states that this is the first study to “show” this. In fact it is in contradiction with all other valid science out there. Any study based on dead samples is completely invalid. To make claims about conditions at birth, one must be able to demonstrate this at birth. PTSD along with many other forms of traumatic life experiences leave permanent visible effects on the brain, such as child abuse. Also, depression is evidenced by smaller hypothalamus assessment. The major fault with “anatomical” brain studies is that they make the huge leap of faith that any perceived difference is a sign of “femininity”. It reminds me of the old days when idiots were looking at ear size and nose size to correlate with intelligence. One cannot have birth psychological issues demonstrated by brain morphology at any point in life.
        Pseudoscience is a plague to real science.

      • Kate says:

        Phrenology is surely pseudoscience. However, this doesn’t cite one study but four. I think you may have glazed over it. Regardless, is there a difference in brain pathways for autistic persons? Yes. It is founded in real real real science as are the earlier cited studies(plural). True transgender persons are higher ranking in autism spectrum than any other biological background. And autism is a biological condition present in the fetus. This is fact. The studies are probably reflecting prior studies of autism rates, those are not performed on dead people.

      • Kate says:

        That should match assertions that transgender people are not really all there and are prone to violent outbursts.

  2. Rudy says:

    So, what’s your opinion on climate change?

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