GUEST POST: Fuck Male Dominant Trans*Activism

 I spent my life being an androgynous weirdo. Humiliated by my family, sexually assaulted, attacked physically, verbally, emotionally. So much so that my own psychologist is surprised that I have been able to stomach simply living afterward. I have survived by understanding “the rules” and developing my own rules to combat them. I know what is threatening and dangerous in allowing myself to be “public” about myself and my life. I have no interest in imposing my will onto people and as such my conscience is pretty clear about that. Others have pushed me to follow their ideologies and live by their “rules” and I don’t intend to start doing any of that. I am a unique person with unique ideologies. I’m well known as a very nice person and people really seem to like me. I feel blessed by that. I don’t worry when people get pissy with me about not getting along. But I know that when people push an alpha-male attitude and an agenda of dominance into my presence, I fight back and that typically means I will grab them and choke them out. I’m fine with that.

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Trust Your Perceptions, This Is A Violent Man

bildeRyan Fortney is a Man who regularly harasses Women online who disagree with transgenderism. I recently ran across a video of him speaking.

And I watched it.

Women: These Men are Men. Stop telling us they are Women. They are not. I trust my perceptions, I trust my judgment.

He’s a Man.

Ryan Fortney is a Man.

Now, there is an undercurrent in this conversation that because I say Ryan is a Man, that means I think he’s bad or evil or wrong.

I don’t. He’s a gender-nonconforming Man. I’ve been a dyke longer than Ryan’s been a Woman. I love “gender nonconformity.” It does not threaten me.

There are specific Men like Ryan Fortney – Dana Lane Taylor, Daryl Banks – who both identify as Women AND harass Women – do I think those Men are bad?

Yes! I think those Men are bad because of their harassment of Women.

Ryan says he could give me PTSD if he had access to me.

Do you know what actually causes PTSD? It’s not being subjected to interrogation by your employer because you harass a rape victim on social media while on the company dime.

No, actually, PTSD is caused by WAR or RAPE or SEXUAL ABUSE. Serious, traumatic events.

Do you think I’m supposed to welcome Ryan in my space given that he wants to commit grievous harm to me?


Women – including me – are actually PERMITTED to observe conduct and form conclusions based on that conduct. Just like you are permitted to form conclusions about my actions.

I will continue to observe and report.

Let me know when that becomes illegal.

In the meantime, keep your placating bullshit, your “it’s mean to call transwomen men, it’s mean to use male pronouns,” well away from me.

PS – Watch this video. If you are still telling yourself  “He is a Woman because he says so,” enjoy your cognitive dissonance.

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GUEST POST: And Now For Something Completely Different

I use cis as a pejorative on occasion. Mainly when I refer to meathead alpha males. But it’s extension comes from political correctness. Transgender policing of certain words, even clinical words among the psychiatric community. Pressure to change deep rooted terms to make some people feel less alienated. “Cis” is the replacement for the gender studies term “gender-normative”, it’s implication is that the majority of people who’re totally fine with themselves as whatever they might’ve been born as. The opposite of which is “transitive”. Typically, a gender-normative person will never know their status as either cis or normative because, it is socially established that there is no need to question these things. Trans*persons are forced to learn the lingo and all the definitions as part of a cycle of psychotherapy that can last several years. It’s like private tutoring with a psych tech. They’ll learn a ridiculous amount of jargon that means absolutely nothing to “Joe-alpha-male” or “Susie-lipstick”. There is no Cis community; that is called the world. There is a historical truth about flailing against the world, that truth is, it does not work. So as a Trans woman wakes up and get ready to start her day, she goes into it with a sense that “I can have all that I want”. This is a gender-normative response to a world that will not budge. Cis can be the “The Man” who keeps them down. And remaining the underdog allows trans* individuals to see themselves as hurt by people who are only approaching this whole gender subject as newbies. Reflect honest ignorance with hate and rejection. If a Trans woman see herself as a victim, and as a victim she becomes a pity party, she flashes hate and anger towards those who’ll never understand their link between sex and gender, calls the ignorant person an idiot by using cis-this and cis-that against them. It’s a small wonder why no one wants to hear that garbage anymore. No one wants to hear that you want legal-rights that you already have. No one wants to hear that you get an erection while wearing women’s underwear and want advice on how to tuck better. If you were an honestly Trans woman, getting dressed up will not give you erections. That is called transvestism.

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Bearded Lady Beats The Bullies

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Redefining Reality #redefiningrealness



Janet Mock was born a boy named Charles in Hawaii. It seems, from reading this account of his early childhood, that he, like many other gay children, exhibited signs of gender non-conformity. And it seems, like many other gay children, he was punished for it.

Once, when I was 5-years-old, a little girl who lived next door to my grandmother dared me to put on a muumuu and run across a nearby parking lot. So I did. I threw it on, hiked it up in one hand, and ran like hell. It felt amazing to be in a dress. But suddenly my grandmother appeared, a look of horror on her face. I knew immediately that I had crossed some kind of line. After yelling at me, she banished me to our patio, where I played quietly with my sumo action figures for a while. I loved them because they had long hair, and they were the only “dolls” OK for me, a boy, to play with.

I can relate. As I have detailed here, it’s hard not conforming to sex stereotypes. Gender is a vicious system that says girls are supposed to act one way and boys are supposed to act another way. For those of us who don’t fall in line, life can be brutal.

It didn’t take very long before the social cues got louder and clearer. My parents started scolding me over the way I walked and held my hands. I learned to hide aspects of my personality. Playing with girls was fine, for example, but playing with their Barbies was something I could do only behind closed doors. After my parents split, my mom said my younger brother and I needed a strong male role model and sent us to live with our dad in Oakland, California. Stern and critical, my father couldn’t accept how feminine and dainty I was in comparison to my rough-and-tumble brother. “Get outside and play!” he would bark. 

Things got better for Gays Like Us, for a while, as the “Gay Rights Movement” took off. But something happened on the way to Gay Liberation – Gender Identity happened. And us Girly Gay Men and Butch Lesbians all slowly realized that the things that Made Us Seem Gay as children now made us easy targets of both homophobic parents and a conservative culture that demands that we torture our perfect, healthy bodies to conform to what “a Man must look like” or “a Woman must look like.”

It was my father who first dared to ask the question: You’re not gay, are you? I was 8 and wasn’t even sure what that meant, but I knew from his tone that it was unacceptable. “No!” I shouted defensively.

Janet, I’m sorry that your homophobic parents brainwashed you into thinking that your fagginess made you a Woman. It didn’t make you a Woman, any more than my dykeyness makes me a Man.

The problem isn’t that people aren’t respecting your pronouns, Janet, or refusing to cater to your ridiculous demands that you have “always been a woman.”

The problem is Gender.

And the problem, at this point, is a GLBT Community that has embraced Gender to advance a conservative agenda that tells us that “being a Woman” means traveling thousands of miles to have a Thai doctor turn your healthy penis into a hole. That tells us that “being a Woman” means “I also liked playing with dolls and wearing dresses.”

I spent 10 days in the hospital recovery room, doped up on pain relievers. During the operation, my surgeon had masterfully refashioned the tissue and nerves from my male organs to construct a vagina. Finally, every part of me made perfect sense. I didn’t have to “tuck” anymore. 

My heart breaks for you, Janet. It really does.

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Fucking Trans Women #MiraBellwether @harmonysamiruhh

CaptureIf you think transwomen are actually women, here, read Mira Bellwether’s disgusting zine (he is now charging $10 for it) and, after you bleach your eyes, tell me if you still think transwomen are women.

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Gender Says I Might Be A Man #genderhurts

This is a response to Mr. Doug and his “female shift

Both sexist men and transwomen have spent lots of time telling me how I’m actually a man.

Funny, that.


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